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Jan Meisels Allen

Do you know the survivors of this family >from Presov Slovakia: Samuel
GOTTSCHALL born in 1878? Family photographs and other family reassures were
found stashed away in an attic. They were found by a handyman who was fixing
his neighbor's leaking roof. Mr. Gottschall and family were deported to
concentration camps in 1942 the year the deportation of the city's Jews
started. Part of the items found were apparently looted over time- such as
a jewelry box that is now empty. But newspaper clippings and family photos
may be of interest to surviving family members.

The items were given to the city's Museum of Jewish Culture with the hope
the family could be identified and relatives located. The head of the
Presov Jewish Museum said they went through material and compared the photos
with the Museum's historic archival photographs. >from that comparison the
Museum believes the materials belonged to the family of the Jewish Neolog
cantor Samuel Gottschall. The items were found in a house next to the
building that was the Neolog Synagogue.

Before WW 2 there were 136,000 Jews, today Slovakia has about 4,000 Jews.
Between 1942-1945 about 6,000 Jews were deported >from Presov. After the war
about 800 persons returned to Presov and then relocated to Australia, North
America, Israel and the United Kingdom.

Mr. Gottschall may have had a son who survived the war: Benjamin Bela
Vojtech - who became a rabbi. After the war he immigrated to Australia and
died in Sydney in 1978.

Any relatives who get in touch with the museum can claim the items

To read the story and see photos go to:

Original url:

Presov is one of my ancestral towns.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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