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David W. Perle

Hi, all--I'd posted more than a year ago about my search for a
great-great-grandfather, Henry GOTTLIEB, whose 1950 death certificate shows
that he'd died at this hospital. Unfortuantely, I discovered that this was
a mental institution. He'd been there for two months. In any case, I've
been trying to find his final resting place. There are marvelous records of
Jewish burials in the Newark area, but he unfortunately is not listed among

When I'd originally posted, it was suggested that the death certificate
notation of him being buried at "Hebrew-Cem" (which I've been unable to
identify in any records, by calling the modern incarnation of the funeral
home that handled his burial, and by consulting with a business that
oversees a number of Jewish cemeteries in the area today) might have
potentially referred to a section of a cemetery on the old Overbrook
Hospital grounds.

I've called the hospital and was told that there was no such cemetery.
That very well may be the case, but I thought that I might post here one
last time about this in case anyone knows that to be untrue or might have
any other insight.

Thank you!

David Perle
Washington, DC

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