JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: The name Sheelum (?) #general


You have provided neither time nor place, nor
whether it's a given name, or even the likely
gender of the individual. It's helpful to
include as much information as you already know,
or suspect, because it will help get you better

In this case, I suspect that it's a yiddishized
pronunciation of shalom, which was used as a
given name, and possibly connected with Shlomo
(i.e. Solomon). (A yiddish expert could possibly
elaborate on the "drift" of vowels across the
range of yiddish-speaking countries, such that
"sholem" becomes "shoolem" and "sheelum".)

tom klein, toronto

Sandy Levin <> wrote:

I am trying to figure out what this name might be. I have it from
a recollection of an elderly relative of the name of one of my
grandfather's siblings. Could it be some sort of diminutive or
contraction of two names starting with Sheve? Any help would be

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