JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Looking for an Australian relative with a surname similar to SHAHKOR, SHAHKORI or SHAHKORY #general

Judith Elam

On a recent visit to Israel, I was told by relatives with the surname SCHWARZ that
a male relative with a surname that resembles the Hebrew word for the color "black"
visited them at their kibbutz, Sde Nahum, >from Australia, probably in the 50's
or 60's. His original surname was SCHWARZ,and he would have been born in Kosten
(now Koscian) either in 1874, 1875,1881 or very soon thereafter. His parents would
be Michaelis Meyer SCHWARZ and Ottilie FISCHEL. But if the visitor was his son,
which is the more likely scenario, then he would have been born in Kosten, Posen or
Berlin about 25 years later, so approximately 1900 - 1910. His surname was
something like SHAHKOR, SHAHKORI or SHAHKORY, but they don't remember a first name.
So this seems to suggest that this relative first went to Palestine and then
emigrated to Australia.

I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack, but I do believe this relative
is my great-grandmother's brother or his son. I am anxious to find him as this
means I may have 3rd cousins out there! I have searched on Ancestry, Familysearch,
Australian National Archives, Trove, Ryerson and bd-bd. Any help or further
suggestions would be much appreciated!

Judith Elam
Kihei, HI

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