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From: Mark Fearer

when our non-famous
immigrant ancestors who lived in Manhattan died, were they likely to
have an obituary in any local publications, between 1890-1940?
The Forward? It seems unlikely they would appear in the NY Times. Where - if
anywhere - might there be an obituary?

Not likely they had an obit at all unless they had achieved something
in the new country. The New York Times had paid death notices so maybe
possibly some of the family members put something in the paper.
The same was true with some, not all, of the newspapers. New York City
at its peak had a dozen daily newspapers not counting the ethnic newspapers.
The Forward is just one of many Jewish newspapers that published in New York City.

The bad news is only a small part of them are online. The New York Public
Library has links to some but requires a card or a visit to one of the branches. has some New York newspapers and it is free.
There are several other paid pages as well. Also check the Brooklyn
Public Library because they loaded some -- not all -- the Brooklyn Eagle
which was one of the main newspaper of the era.

If you can visit the New York Public Library the branch on Fifth Avenue
at 42nd Street they have an excellent collection of the newspapers on microfilm.
Problem is most of the newspapers are not indexed. You need dates to
search the papers. But if you need the dates of death you can also at the
library check the New York City Death Index which shows the names,
dates and boroughs for the deaths. It is by year but can be used to
establish dates.

Allan Jordan

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