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...a male child who was either stillborn or died during or shortly after
birthing (about 1918). I don't know if the child was named. Would this
kind of death have been recorded?? If so, where?
Our family was able to find a record of my aunt who was stillborn or
died shortly after birth in 1916 in NYC burial society records. She
was listed as "female" LASTNAME along with the place of her grave.
The next oldest child was told that she died while their mother was
being taken care of, but as he was born two years later, we can't
verify this version of the story. I have verified that there is no
record of a live birth at the municipal archives.

I would not assume that all infant deaths that occurred within minutes
of birth were recorded as live births and then as deaths for the
simple reason that this means more paperwork for the family and the
doctor. There will always be someone who takes a shortcut.

In any case, I hope our experience will help you find another way to search.

Good luck in your search.

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

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