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Researching Ignatz KLEIN (1864/65--1934) and Nathan Joseph KLEIN

Ignatz KLEIN immigrated to the US circa 1882 when he was a teenage
boy. He did not leave any trace of his hometown in Hungary. On his
US citizenship paper--1889--he wrote: Austria Hungarian Empire We
found an Ignatz Klein arriving on the Gellert-1881->from Hamburg,
Germany to NY, but we are not sure if this is our Ignatz. (When he
became a US citizen he changed the spelling of his name to: KLINE.)
Ignatz died in San Francisco, CA in 1934. We are searching for
Ignatz's birthplace in Hungary. We know he spoke Magyar and we
know his father's name was Nathan Joseph KLEIN. We don't know
anything more. We found this name on a document Ignatz signed to
apply for a US passport in the 1920s. Ignatz married Carrie Mann
in 1890. Carrie was born in NY in 1864. Bother her parents were
born in Germany. Hope there is someone who can help us find the
birthplace of Ignatz Klein aka Kline. Thank you

Donna Kline

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