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Mark Jacobson

David is spreading another of those 'names changed at Ellis Island'
stories, this time for England. Like the US, passengers arrived in
England with their names and information already on manifests
created at the port of departure using tickets, passports and other
travel documents. Arrival ports had people who spoke a variety of
languages to assist immigrants. Immigrants did not make up names on
the spot that became their legal names forever or have names
assigned by officials at the port of arrival.

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Hi Liz,

This may or may not help, but my father-in-law told us the story of how he
believes that his family got their surname of Freedman. Whenever his father
(my grandfather-in-law) was asked by his children where they came from, he
refused to say anything. When they arrived in England around 1905 >from
somewhere in Eastern Europe, he could not speak any English, so was he
was taught a phrase by a fellow immigrant to say: "I am a freed man >from
Russia." when asked for his name by an immigration officer. To that officer
responded: "Welcome to England Mr Freedman. But he would never disclose
whereabouts the family came from. All he would say was: "New name, new
country, new life!" Thus any investigations by myself and other members of
my wife's family are totally stymied.

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