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Johannes Heidecker <Johannes_Heidecker@...>

Some geographic/historic comments:

Bukowina (capital Czernowitz): became part of the Austrian Empire in 1775.
It was part of the Austrian crownlands (and not the Hungarian ones) after
the "Ausgleich" (Balance?) when the empire became the Austrian-Hungarian
Empire. Originally allied to Germany and Austria, Romania entered the First
World War on the side of the entente. The Bukowina (as well as
Siebenb=FCrgen, part of Hungaria) became Romanian after the war. After the
second world war, Russia occupied the north of the Bukowina with

Galicia: became part of the Austrian Empire after the first division of
Poland 1772 and was also part of the Austrian crownlands. The carpathian
mountains are a somewhat natural border towards the hungarian part of the
empire. Galicia-Hungary does not make very much sense for me, but I cannot
exclude that some small part of Galicia was actually integrated in the
Hungarian part. I would more look for some village in the countries of the
Hungarian crown, which was much larger than today, including the Banat,
Croatia and Siebenb=FCrgen.

Johannes Heidecker

[MODERATOR NOTE: Perhaps this puts some geographic details in perspective.
Let's all try to stay in Galicia.]

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