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Elbaum <elbaum@...>

1. Bas Tsayon is a female name because "bas" means daughter of. Tsayon
is probably the same as Tsiyon, which is the Hebrew pronunciation of
the word Zion. Bas Tsiyon means daughter of Zion and was probably given
to a girl by parents who had Zionistic aspirations. I don't believe
there is an English equivalent.

2. Tseepa is a nickname for Tziporah (bird), which is Fayge in
Yiddish. An americanized version could be Faye, Faith or something in
that family.

3. Mordechai could be Morton, Martin, Mark or similar names. The
Yiddish name is Mottel.

4. Mendel could be Milton or any of the above names as well. There was
no such thing as only one Americanized version of a name. People could
have their pick of any variety of names, usually choosing one that began
with the same sound as the Hebrew or Yiddish version but not necessarily
restricted to only one particular name.

Hope this helps you.

Rose Elbaum
Potomac, MD

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