Re: Meorie Galicia also 1922 Dr.'s Listings in Galicia #galicia

David Sotkowitz <sotkowitz@...>

In response to one of the 2 questions, Volume 5 was published in 1997. The
encyclopedia is in Hebrew. It has articles (some brief, some long) on
each name listed. For some of the Rabbis listed there are photos as well.

Wunder, Rabbi Meir. Meorei Galicia : Encyclopedia of Galician Rabbis and
Scholars. Vol. 1 - 5. Jerusalem Institute for Commemoration of Galician
Jewry. Jerusalem : 1978 - 1997.

- David Sotkowitz -

--- Norman Fuhrer <> wrote:
... Text abridged ...

Spring Issue -- 1994 (Vol. 1, No. 3) prints a list of Galician Rabbi's in
Rabbi Meir Wunder's Meorei Galicia (Volume IV) "Encyclopedia of Galician
Rabbis and Scholars"

Among the names listed is FIHRRER/FUHRER, which we have an interest in. The
article mentions that Volume V was to be published soon. Does anyone know
if the fifth volume was indeed published and how we can access further
information? Does this book contain biographies or a brief synopsis of each
name listed?

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