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Avrohom Krauss <avkrauss@...>

I would like to point out that when guessing on an Americanized name, we
must take into consideration the prevalent trends. See the following:

2. Tseepa is a nickname for Tziporah (bird), which is Fayge in
Yiddish. An americanized version could be Faye, Faith or something in
that family.
I doubt late nineteenth and early twentieth century immigrants used names
like Faye or Faith. These became popular at a much later date. For Fayge try
"Fannie" or "Frances". Tzipporah could use the Fayge equivelants or English
names that start with "C" because in certain dialects, "Tz" is pronounced
"Ch" (as in the word CHildren). Tziporah (Tzippa) could be called "Chippa"
/"Chipka" and may become "Celia". Another possibilty are names beginning
with "S" (similar to "Tz" sound) like Sayde, Shirley, etc.

3. Mordechai could be Morton, Martin, Mark or similar names. The
Yiddish name is Mottel.
Popular English names for Mordechai/Mottel or Menachem/Mendel were:
"Marcus", "Max"

Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone, Israel

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