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Debby Gincig Painter

Could someone possibly answer this for me. It is the first time I have come
across it in my genealogical searches.

Hani Johanna Schmetterling
from Yad Vashem: Details of transport: Transport 34 >from Wien,Vienna,Austria
to Theresienstadt,Ghetto,Czechoslovakia on 28/07/1942 Prisoner Nr. 693

But I have found 2 cards >from the Jewish Transmigration Bureau that indicate
her son (Joachim Schmetterling, NYC) sent money to her Vienna address on
March 17, 1941, October 29, 1941 but receives a refund check November 21, 1941
yet she was not deported until July, 1942,

So my questions: Were borders were already closed by November, 1941 so she
could not emmigrate or was the JTB not able to send money to Vienna after 1941.
Either way, where would she have been >from November, 1941 to her deportation
in July, 1942?

Thank you.

Debbie Painter

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