Bas Tziyon/Searching FINKELSTEIN/HERZIG #galicia <appelkraut@...>

1. Bas Tziyon might become Basya or Bess.

2. I'm searching for FINKELSTEIN and HERZOG/HERZIG >from Lesko,
Zabrat/Zabratowka, Sanok, and Jaroslav (Molodytch). My gggrandmother
was Sarah HERZOG, she was known as "Kliege Sara" (clever Sarah) because
she could read and write and answer questions about kashrut. I think
she was born in the late 1840s. She married a widower, Abraham HERZOG,
who already had a few children. Her daughter, (my great grandmother),
Beila HERZOG, was born in 1872 in Zabrat/Zabratowka. She married Nahum
(Nathan) FINKELSTEIN in 1896 in Lesko, and they moved to the United
States a few years later. Nahum's parents were Moshe and Breindel, and
Nahum FINKELSTEIN was born in 1873 in Jaroslav, Molodycz. Beila had
some older half-sisters; Nahum had at least one brother, possibly named
Yisroel, who came to the United States. One or two of Beila's siblings
may have gone to Britain.

Ruth Kraut
Ann Arbor, MI
Ruth Kraut and Michael Appel

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