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Sal & Ellen Barbieri <elsal@...>

I found FL & OH voter records by Googling names in quotation marks to get
DOB. I went to Florida Voter Records & it said you need to submit your DOB
to access your status. I thought it was a flaw on their website that I could
access by Googling a name. Went back today & found: As of 31 Jan 2015, a
privately owned genealogy website [unnnamed] has voter registration records
for CO, CT, DE, MI, OH, OK & RI using purchased copies of FL voter lists
which are public information. Use at your own risk, no warranty. This is a
new great resource for us genealogy sleuths.
If this doesn't work just put name in quotation marks +"florida voter"
You can click "Individual Detail Page" to see their address & year of
registration. Address can verify couple or relatives living at same place.

I've been Googling names on my family trees hoping to fill in the blanks.
Suggest you open * everything *.
I had 3 females b. after 1980 & the Fort Walton Beach Florida HS site had
their birthday, married names, spouses names, & if they had children. I then
got their DOB & husband's DOB >from FL voter registration.

Goggling a cousin of my husband b. 1911, a name I had never heard of, Del
Cogliano, came up. I would never have opened it before but I did. Relative of
his 1st wife who died years ago did a tree, every wedding photo 1911-2012
was there, kids, grandkids, grt-grandkids, photo of triplets b. 2012. Loads
of group photos. All BMD dates there. Never know where you will find family

Have found good info on Face Book pages & profiles. Finding not just kids
but grandparents are on this. Takes time to go through all the data but a
lot is there. Check people who reply to them, some will be relatives. I go
back & forth between Google, Steve Morse - birthdays & related persons & phone
books to verify I have right person. Thank you, Steve Morse, you have made
my day over and over again!

Ellen Barbieri- Researcher #8682
San Diego, CA

Researching: ZYMAN, MARCUS- Lubowo (Liubavas, Lith); ZYMAN. KAPLAN.
GOLDBERG-? near Suwalki, to London then NYC 1871 with KANOWICZ wife

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