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I'm trying to learn the fate and family of a female immigrant cousin
who left NYC for Detroit, probably between 1910-1925. An elderly
cousin recalls hearing she had died and someone trying,
unsuccessfully, to place her son with family back in NY. I found
a possible son in the Detroit Hebrew Orphan's Home in 1930 and a
couple of military records, all of which may or may not be for the
family I'm looking for.

I've spoken with YIVO where they were kind enough to check their
microfilm of records >from the Detroit social services agencies but
they didn't find a record for this individual, and Hebrew Union
Archive had no records of this type. Does anyone have any
suggestions for locating information on the boy in the Detroit
Hebrew Orphanage in 1930?

The National Jewish Welfare Board, Bureau of War Records, has an
Alphabetical Card showing "authenticated" the soldier was wounded
in Europe, inquiry date 7/24/45. The source of the information
is given as "Mar. 1945 Mo. rep .sub. by S. Saferstein-in mo.
rep. source bk."

~ Can anyone translate this bureaucratic shorthand?
~ Are there likely additional records >from this organization which
could be helpful in learning this soldier's family ties?

NARA provides an Army Serial Number, branch of service, enlistment date, etc.
~ Is it possible to request WWII US Army personnel records? Are
they likely to provide family information if the soldier was an orphan?

Any suggestions would be appreciated,
Sherri Venditti

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