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David W. Perle

Hi, all. I've been told that there were supposedly obituaries for some
family members in The Jewish Independent out of Cleveland, and I was
wondering if someone might be able to help me to obtain them. I live in
Washington, DC, and have access to tons of papers at The Library of Congress
and would be happy to reciprocate. (Obviously, this is one paper that they
don't have.) The Library of Congress indicates that Center for Research
Libraries in Chicago
[or --Mod.]

has certain issues as well as Western Reserve Historical Society
in Cleveland

In The Jewish Independent (Cleveland), I am looking for:

- Nathan ARONOWSKY (died 3/1/32)
- Ida ARONOWSKY (died 12/25/51)
- Natalie BLUM (died 6/17/48)
- Rose BLUM (died 7/7/56)

Additionally, I'm seeking obituaries >from the following in NJ and the
Chicago area (and I do *not* have particular knowledge that they definitely

- William PERLE in The Bergen Record (NJ, died 1/7/57)
- Miriam/Minnie PERLE in The Jersey Journal (NJ, died 11/23/66)
- Sheldon BLUM in the Daily Herald (Chicago suburbs, 9/1/99)

Thanks for any help! Obviously, please just reply directly to me. :)

David Perle
Washington, DC

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