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<< I need possible Americanized versions. If you have come across these
names and have any suggestions, I would really appreciate them.

1. Bos Tsayon (is this name male or female? is there an Americanized
version?) Sounds like BasTzion, female version of BenTzion. Americanized
version Betty? Bessie?

2. Tseepa (female name - Americanized version?) Tzippa or Tsipora often
Americanized through its Yiddish version Feiga as Fanny? Birdie?

3. Mordechai (male name - Americanized version?) Morton or Max?

4. Mendel (male name - Americanized version?) Morris?

Just guesses. For more authoritative guesses I suggest that you consult the
work done by Warren Blatt, who looked at the Americanized versions of Jewish
names based on study of a large number of tombstones. Or the work of
Professor Jerry Esterson in Israel, who is doing similar studies.

Robert Weiss in Northridge, CA

[MODERATOR note: I think we can conclude that there is no one-to-one
relationship between Hebrew/Yiddish/English names. Educated guesses are
the best anyone can do and many have been given.
This thread is now closed.]

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