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Gary Mokotoff

Avotaynu Inc is pleased to announce the creation of "Avotaynu Online," an
exciting new venture intended to stimulate collaboration among Jewish genealogists
in all its forms. Leading participants in the various areas of genealogical
research will provide in-depth articles on events and discoveries on a regular

Avotaynu Online will be available free of charge >from the venture's website
at, which will be shared simultaneously on Facebook and
Twitter. Reports will be delivered in different formats, including text, video,
and podcasts.

As a bonus to readers, all articles >from 2007-2011 published in AVOTAYNU,
the International Review of Jewish Genealogy, are available at no charge at
the Avotaynu Online website. Articles >from all other years will continue to
be available on a subscription basis by visiting

Subscribe Now!
Readers are encouraged to subscribe to the Avotaynu Online news feed by
registering their email addresses at the top of our web page, and to also
follow public commentary on its articles by "liking" the official Facebook
page at as well as our pages at
Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media outlets.

By virtue of its focus on the in-depth reporting of specific subjects,
Avotaynu Online is intended to be entirely distinct >from the existing print
journal, AVOTAYNU, which for over three decades has covered the broad
spectrum of Jewish family history research, and >from the weekly "Nu? What's
New?," which reports breaking stories in the world of genealogy.

Avotaynu Online aims to promote conversation within the genealogical
community on the subjects it covers. Unlike print, which is a one-way
medium, readers of articles will be encouraged to respond to our authors
directly >from our pages, and to engage them in developing new lines of
thinking. Similarly, unlike print, our authors will be encouraged to revise
their articles with new or revised information as soon as it becomes
available, so that their stories will continue over time to remain fresh and

Experiment and Collaborate
Avotaynu intends to experiment and collaborate. It is our belief that there
are subjects tangential to Jewish genealogy that may be of great interest to
our readers, such as Jewish travel, history, demographics, and health
issues. In the past we have been limited by available space in our quarterly
when deciding whether to cover these interesting subjects. The availability
of virtually unlimited space on our Avotaynu Online website will free us
from this limitation. We have also developed partnerships with prestigious
institutions such as the Leo Baeck Institute and the International Institute
of Jewish Genealogy, among others, so that we may bring you the best
thinking >from some of the genealogy's leading experts.

Managing editor of Avotaynu Online will be Adam Brown, who has for many
years been a Curator for the collaborative online family tree hosted by
Geni/MyHeritage and is the founder of the Jewish DNA Project at
FamilyTreeDNA. Sallyann Amdur Sack-Pikus will be Editor-in-Chief and Gary
Mokotoff will be Publisher.

History of Avotaynu Inc
Avotaynu Inc began in 1985 as the publisher of its namesake, AVOTAYNU, the
International Review of Jewish Genealogy. To date 117 issues of AVOTAYNU
have been published. In 1991, the company expanded its efforts to provide
the tools genealogists need to research their Jewish family history by
publishing its first book, the award-winning "Where Once We Walked." To
date, the company has published 70 books. For its publishing efforts, the
company received the "Body of Work" award of the Association of Jewish
Libraries. This award has been given only four times in the past 20 years.
In 2001, Avotaynu added "Nu? What's New?," a weekly e-zine that provides
information about current events that affect Jewish family history. In 2009,
Avotaynu introduced the AVOTAYNU Anthology, which provides the online
ability to search back issues of the publication using a full word search
engine provided by Google. Avotaynu Online is it newest venture.

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