JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Getting from New Brunswick, Canada to New York City in 1887 #general

Judith Singer

My grandfather arrived at St. John, New Brunswick, Canada in 1897.
Family lore says that he walked >from St. John to New York City (a
little over 600 miles), but I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this
story. (Other parts of his immigration saga as we were told it have
already been proven wrong.)

A more likely alternative if the immigrant had any money or any
relatives in St. John would be travel by railroad. A rail line from
St. John to Bangor, Maine was opened in 1869. Bangor was already
connected by rail to Portland and >from there rail lines extended
throughout the northeastern U.S.

Although there was no formal Jewish Immigrant Aid Society in St. John
until 1896, there had been a Jewish community in St. John since 1856,
and it is likely they furnished aid of some sort to Jewish travelers.

Unfortunately, I believe this will have to remain a matter of
speculation. I am not aware of any records that would have existed,
but I would love to be incorrect on that matter.

Judith Singer

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