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משה פלבר

Dear Genners

A London cousin of mine, about 5 times removed... was married to a brother
of a well known Royal Academician Painter by the name of Solomon J. SOLOMON
(1860-1927) s/o Joseph SOLOMON. This painter "invented" Camouflage during
WWI and painted members of the Royal family.

Then there was another London Jewish painter, Simeon SOLOMON (1840-1905) s/o
Michael (Meyer) SOLOMON, a well to do Leghorn-Hat maker who was married to
an artist, Catherine (Kate) LEVY. Not only Simeon's mother but his elder
siblings too were painters, Abraham Solomon (1824-1862) and Rebecca Solomon

Now, I wonder if anyone of you is familiar with the genealogy of these two
SOLOMON painters and is aware of any family connection between the two.

Wishing you Moadim LeSimchah

Moshe Felber
(Member 74848)

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