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Pamela Weisberger

In the fall of 2013 Jay Osborn and I participated in a conference in
Pisa, Italy called "Cartography and Cadastral Maps: Visions >from the
Past for a Vision of Our Future" sponsored by ICARUS: the
International Centre for Archival Research. The catalog of conference
proceedings are now online, edited by Benedetto Benedetti, Charles
Farrugia, Beatrice Romiti and Andras Sipos. The papers can be viewed
online and/or downloaded for free:

Click on the author's name and program title to view them.

Besides our two presentations dealing with Galician cadastral maps and
their importance to genealogical research, there are others dealing
with regions of interest to Jewish genealogists including Italy,
Hungary, Estonia, Croatia and France. One very interesting paper by
Julian Holzapel, deals with 3,000 aerial reconnaissance photos taken
by a unit of German Bavarian aviators >from 1917-1918 in historical
Palestine while on military assignment when Imperial Germany was
assisting the Ottoman Empire during WWI. Because the photographers
realized they were flying over the Holy Land they took photographs
that went beyond the military mission, including religious sites and
Jewish settlements.

Most papers are in English, some in the native language of the
presenter, but still with a short introduction in English:

- Andras Sipos, Cadastral Maps -- Ideal Field for International
Archival Cooperation.

- Nicolas Verdier, Estate Maps in 18th Century France: Between
Representation of Land Rights and the Production of Accurate Maps.

- Eniko Torok, Step by Step: Digitisation Projects of Cadastral
Documents in the Central Archive of National Archives of Hungary,

- Pamela A. Weisberger, Gesher GaliciaĆ¢??s Cadastral Map & Landowner
Records Project: A Virtual Recreation of a Vanished Province.

- Jay Osborn, Gesher Galicia's Online Cadastral Map Room: Evolution
and Opportunities.

- Julian Holzapfl, Early Aerial Photographs >from the State Archives of
Bavaria. Exploring a New Synergy between Archival Holdings and
Geographic Imaging.

- Sassoli, The Historical Cadaster of Tuscany and the CASTORE Project.

- Liina Lohmus, Register of the Maps in National Archives of Estonia:
Visions, Plans, Practices.

- Mirjana Juric, Present and Future of the Digital Catastral Heritage
in Croatian State Archives

- Biserka Budicin, Maja Ceric, Cadastral Maps in the State Archives in
Pazin and Their Usage in Everyday Archival Practice.

- Enrico Romiti, Ancient Cartography and Historical Maps, Useful Tools
in the Hands of the Archaeologists.

- Tommaso Maria Rossi, Sources for Knowing the Territory: The
Terrilogi of the Historical Diocesan Archives of Lucca.

- Micaela Antola, Illustrated Cabrei, a Private Form of Cadastral
Maps: The Case of the Republic of Genoa.

- Vincenzo De Santi, Online Access to the Historical Cartography of
Trapani's Territory: Problems and Perspectives.

- Alexandre Nobajas, >from Hidden to Online, the Case of Horta's Cadastral Map.

A printed version will be available shortly.

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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