JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: A found manuscript: How to publish? #general

Hank Mishkoff

I haven't followed this discussion >from the beginning, but...

Just in terms of the technical aspects of publication, Amazon
offers services that allow you to create and publish your own
eBooks (Kindle Direct Publishing, at )
and paperbacks (CreateSpace, at ).
They're both free, if you're willing to do the work yourself
(although Amazon will try to encourage you to let them do the
work for you, for a fee). I've used both of these services not
only to publish one of my own books but to publish a few Yizkor
Book translations under the auspices of JewishGen. There's a
learning curve for both processes (they're not exactly simple,
but they're not rocket science, either), but the results are
definitely worth the effort.

Mode Alexander wrote:

400+ page typed manuscript buried in a box
full of other family "stuff". To my delight, it was written by my
grandmother, sometime before her death in 1944.
This book is very accurate historically and may be worthy of publication,
if I proceed correctly.

At this point, I need feedback >from those of you who have been successful
in publishing manuscripts written by ancestors. [...]

Can any of you point me in the right direction after this? Any and all
suggestions will be greatly appreciated.[...]
Hank Mishkoff

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