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I just discovered a relative on a list of survivor of the Holocaust.
It's about Julie HOHENBERG - maiden name REDLINGER - born December 26,
1906, Vienna, Austria, daughter of Samuel and Szidonia NEMETI.

Julie was married to Simon HOHENBERG in Vienna in 1937. I don't know if
they had children ... probably because no yet 100 years !

According the "Survivor names printed in Aufbau Newspaper, NY 1944-1946
- published June 1, 1945 ", Julie went to Brussels (Belgium) in 1945.
I don't know what happened to her after and find no more on internet.

Does anybody has an idea where I must continue my research, please ?

One info I found is that her brother - Heinrich, Henry - died in
Westminster, London during the 1st quarter of year 1976

Her other brother (Friedrich Redlinger) lived 9 Rodney Court, London
in 1959. Friedrich got a visa for Brazil on November 3, 1959 near the
Consulate of this country in London. I don't know if he was going to
Brazil for his job, but it is quite possible that he had family there.
In fact he had two other sisters born Redlinger : Berta b.31 March 1900
and Eveline b. 4 February 1905, both born to Vienna

My younger brother remembers that my mother received letters >from her
family living in South America in the late 1950s and early 1960s :
Brazil ? Venezuela ?

Always for Friedrich, I found on Internet an arrival to Liverpool
from Bombay, India, on September 15, 1959. Still, Friedrich died in
Haywards, West Sussex last quarter of 1990s

How can I find out if this two men lived in England with their wife and
perhaps children (still alive ???)

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Elisabeth Stamminger-Sonnenfeld
>from France

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