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Maurine McLellan

I have posted two German death records on Viewmate. I have been unable
to make any sense of the old German script let alone translate it!
I would be most appreciative if someone could help extract the vitals >from these
documents. I know that one is for Louis BEJACH and the other is for Adolf

The links are:
Viewmate # 39220:

Viewmate # 39221:

Thank you, so much, in advance
Maurine Bothman McLellan

BOTHMAN Zhitomer, Ukraine >> St. Louis, MO
BEJACH Zempelberg, W. Prussia >> St. Louis, MO
FLEISCHER - Latvia >> St. Louis, MO
SACHS Huliaipole, Ukraine >> St. Louis, MO

MODERATOR NOTE" Privare responses please, or via the ViewMate system

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