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Avi Debby

I am seeking other descendants and any information about my
great-great-great grandparents, Shmuel Yona and Sarah, who lived in
Jerusalem in the 1870-80's.

I found them listed in the 1875 Montefiore census. According to the census
Shmuel Yona was born in Jerusalem and the family was listed as
members of the Jerusalem Samit-Courland Kollel. His occupation was listed
"iron bender". I believe that Sarah was also born in Jerusalem (other sources).
At the time of the census they had 3 children: Esther, Rivka (age ~5
and my great-great grandmother) and Abraham. There was no last name listed
in the census. Based on later documents,(Rivka's in the US), the
last name is most probably Levy or a slight possibility of being Siegel.

I do not know if Shmuel Yona and Sarah had any other children.

I know Rivka got married in Jerusalem to Aryeh Leib (Louis)Solomon and had
a family. The family (2 adults and 4 children) emigrated to the US in 1902
and I have been able to place all of Rivka's descendants in our family tree.

Searching other databases here in Israel (Helkat Mehokek), I found a burial
listing for Haya Esther daughter of Shmuel Yona, age 18, born in
1872, died in 1890. I am assuming that this is the same Esther listed in the
Montefiore census. I do not know if she was married or if she had any

I haven't found anything on Abraham or as stated above I do not know
if Shmuel Yona and Sarah had any other children.

I also do not know when Shmuel Yona and Sarah died or if either remarried and
had children upon the other's death.

If anyone has any information about Shmuel Yona and Sarah and any other
descendants of Shmuel Yona and Sarah, please contact me.


Avram Brickner
Jerusalem, Israel

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