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Julian H. Preisler

Dear List Members:

I have nearly 100 cemetery images (some of individual tombstones)
that are >from the old Jewish Cemetery in Teplice-Sobedruhy in Northern Boehmia,
Czech Republic. The town of Sobedruhy was once known as Soborten and
is now part of the city of Teplice (Teplitz). I am hoping to create a
working list of people buried there and am not able to translate the
Hebrew writing on the grave stones. If there is anyone with connections
to the town and can read Hebrew I can send you photos of the gravestones.
The cemetery is a cultural landmark and recently was enclosed with a fence
and gate. There is today a small Jewish Community in Teplice and they
now own the cemetery and are embarking on a restoration project.
You can contact me at - I also have much information
to share on the former Jewish Community of Teplice-Sobedruhy for
anyone who has connections to the town. My grandfather was >from
Sobedruhy and his family goes back to the early 1700's there.

Thanks very much.

Mr. Julian H. Preisler
Falling Waters, West Virginia

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