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Looking for help in updating this family and how to make contact with them.

R. Issachar DovBerish Hager, 1877-1966, elder son, succeeded his
father as ABD Storozhinets, married his cousin, Sheina Rachel of
Peczenizyn (south of Stansilawow). He found refuge in Vienna during
WWI and moved to London in 1938 where he established the first
Chassidic shtiebel in Golders Green which became known as the Beit
Medrash Yissachar Dov (Hager's) which remains a Union-unaffiliated

Father of -
1. R. Herschel (Zvi) Hager, 1908-1972, succeeded his father as ABD of
the Hager's shtiebel and continued to operate as a diamond merchant
in Golders Green whose sons are R. Gershon Hager, born in 1945,
succeeded his father as ABD in 1972 and R. Jacob (Yankel) Hager, born
in 1949.
2. R. Menachem Mendel Hager, born in 1910.

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