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Hi Genners,
I have found how everyone but two people in my family came into America.
I am seeking your advice in finding information on my G F, Israel Moishe
[Morris] POCK/POK`s sister Riva Leah POCK/POK.

This is the information about her that I have:
The family comes >from Glubokye, outside of Vilna. In all the records
that I have >from Ancestry, Jewishgen and the SIGs the family name is
POK. She is the youngest of three children. Her two brothers are my GF
and an older brother Lazer Baer who at some point went to Palestine
possibly in the early 1940s. Her father was Gabriel and her mother was
Miriam. She was born around 1885-1887. I believe she came into America
between 1906-1908. She met and married Boris SCHWARTZBERG in Brooklyn,
N.Y. on June 11.1911. They lived most of their married lives in
Paterson, N.J.

The following are my questions:
First, I couldn't find her coming into America. I looked on Ancestry,
Steve Morse and Ellis Island. I thought I had found her under the name
Riwke POK who came on the Finland sailing >from Antwerp on June 15,1903,
age 24. She did come >from Globokye. What did not fit was that she was
going to see her brother Bane?/Baruch who lived on Willis Ave in N.Y. As
far as I know, she did not have a brother named Baruch nor one living in
NYC. Could this still be her using a fake brother who she was going to
see. If this is not her, do you have any ideas as to how to find her?

Second, Other family documents show the children's mothers name as
Miriam. She wrote on her Brooklyn marriage certificate that her
mother`s maiden name was Zelda MISKA? Is Zelda or MISKA some variation
of the name the same as Miriam or could Miriam be an unwritten Middle

Third, any other ideas where I can find out more about her prior to 1911.

I appreciate any and all thoughts you may have which will help me find
the missing pieces.

Thanks so much.

Rich Friedman

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