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Judith Singer

Hi - The town is not "Ouschwiang" but Oshmyany - the transcription errors on ship
manifests tend to be pretty awful. Oshmyany was located in Vilna Guberniya under
the Czars and is now located in Belarus, spelled Ashmyany.

The reference to Oshmyany is on the second page of the manifest - some were one
page long, others were two pages long. I checked the actual document just to be
sure but I knew right away the town was Oshmyany because I am researching a family
of Oranskys who are >from that general area. My collateral ancestor Malka Charno /
Zarnow married Rabbi Joseph Hillel Oransky and moved to Des Moines, Iowa along with
a number of other related families.

I hope we'll be able to combine our research efforts.

Judith Singer

From: Hillel Alpert <hillela@...>
My ancestor, Sosie Oransky's passenger list record for ship that sailed from
Liverpool to Boston in 1907, shows "Ouschwiang, Russia" as her birth place.

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