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I have successfully researched my WEISBERG family who originated in Ukraine
(Kamenets Podolsk and Zhvanets) and then came to Manchester, UK. I know
there are many Weisbergs in London and would like to make contact with them
to see if there is any connection. Looking on websites such as Ancestry
and FMP there appears to be a tenuous connection because many of the names
are repeated in the listings of all Weisbergs eg Abraham, Philip, Isadore,
Harris etc. Please contact me to compare notes. We also have a tenuous
connection with Weisbergs in America and hopefully new breakthroughs in DNA
testing will enable us to confirm whether or not we are related.

Lorna Kay
Manchester Regional Group
Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain
WEISBERG (Kamenets Podolsk, Pruskurov, Zhvanets - Ukraine)
SEABERG (Tukkums, Sassmacken - Latvia)
KAHN (Mitau - Latvia)
BLUESTONE (Roumania)
KUTCHINSKY (Piotrkow - Russian Poland)

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