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Pamela Weisberger

The All Galicia Database announces a long-awaited, exciting new upgrade.

Researchers can now search by house number within any town with more
than 25 records in addition to searching by given name, surname and
geographic location.

This means that analysis of events taking place in the same house over
almost one hundred years -- based on any type of record where a house
number was noted (birth, death, tax, school, landowner, notary, etc.)
- can now easily be made with the data on our site.

Go to:

And enter a house number and town name. You can add a surname, but no
names are needed if you want to see results based on the house number
only. The search engine should pull up any record details where the
town and house number are the same. See if you can detect patterns in
which houses children were born, or elderly people died, analyze
different family names associated with a single dwelling and much

Keep in mind that in some towns the houses were renumbered over time,
children were born in houses that were not in their family.
Nevertheless...this new option should make the information in these
records even more useful to researchers.

Two caveats: the AGD must have at least 25 records indexed for the
town in question and with Lviv/Lwow/Lemberg records, because there are
fractions in most house numbers which indicate the district (quarter)
of the city a family lived in, you'll be pulling up many more results
than just a simple house number. (You'll also see results coming up
from a building number which was a hospital where, naturally babies
were born and people died.)

We're working on on improving Lwow record sorting by house number and
district and there will be more tweaking over time. And the more
records we are able to index or include, the more meaningful the
results will be.

Researchers are beginning to realize the usefulness on house numbers
which appear in so many records and which can help break down brick
walls, especially in figuring our female relatives whose names changed
over time and with children produced by Galician "ritual" marriages
where the surnames often switched between the father's and mother's
surnames, and even the father's surname might have been his mother's
name -- not his father's name. Talk about confusing! A unifying house
number may be the important peace of evidence you need to prove a

We've also added the capability to filter search results to show only
records added within the past few months. There are some
illustrations of the new page on Gesher Galicia's Facebook page.

Keep checking back as we add additional records over the next week or
so. If you make any interesting discoveries please share them with

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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