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wrote on 01 jun 2015

I am researching my cousin, David Tzvi Taub ben Haskiel, who according
to family lore was a rabbi in Neustadt (Poland) in the mid 1800s. I
have found three locations in Poland which at one point were named
Neustadt: Nowe Miasto Nad Warta, Prudnik, and Wejherowo. While I
cannot be sure which of these towns was where David lived, I do know
that a publication in hebrew called the Hemed Zvi, listed him as a
resident of Minchstroit. Google and the Shtetl Seeker bring up no
results as to where that place is located. Is anybody familiar with a
jewish community whose name resembles that, and ideally, is within
close proximity to any Neustadt? Thank you!
Perhaps the Taubs of Modzjitz/Modrzyce/Deblin were ment?



Towns called Neustadt [Newtown, Newton] can be found all over the world,
in continental Europe often a newly build part of a town was given this
name. [Miss Marple called this "The developement"]

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