JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Research Tip for US Social Security Death Index #general

david rafky

A friend recently asked me for help in obtaining a death certificate
for her father who resided in New Jersey but died in England while on vacation.
Although he held a social security card, the agency claimed no knowledge of him.
First, as we were to learn later, she believed --incorrectly-- that his
given name was Phillip, while it was actually Phil.

In any case, I recently read that simply typing a VIN (automobile vehicle
identification number) into Google's search box would reveal information
about that car, truck, etc.

So I typed the social security number into Google, and voila, the man's name
was displayed along with a quotation and reference to the social security
archive where his death was recorded!

David Rafky
Miami, Florida

Researching Rafky/Ravka in Pochaev, and Roit/Roytberg in Kremenets;
both in Ukraine.

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