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Renee Steinig

Moishe Miller <moishe.miller@...> wrote:

<<Now that the FHC's Photo Duplication seems to be discontinued, is there
an easy way to obtain photo-copies of marriage records >from the 1930's
in the Bronx?.... >>

Nothing is as good as seeing the original, but there's wonderful
information in FamilySearch's new NYC marriage index
(, in particular
parents' names.

Caveats: Not all fields are reproduced and names are sometimes
misspelled. For example, the FamilySearch entry for the 1919 marriage
of Philip JACOBS and Rose WANDER does not include this information
that's on the original: bride's and groom's street addresses and
occupations, the name and address of the rabbi, the names of
witnesses, and the address at which the wedding took place. Also,
Philip's mother's name was entered as "Jannie" rather than "Fannie" --
an understandable error, because the first letter does indeed look
like a J. I'm also finding that some records listed in the ItalianGen
index -- including ones I have copies of -- are not in the index.

Thank you to Gary Mokotoff for alerting us to FamilySearch's new NYC
birth, marriage, and death indexes, in the March 29 issue of "Nu?
What's Nu?"


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

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