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Emily Garber

Deborah Blankenberg <> wrote:
A number of people have asked me to describe what I learned about
the question I posted regarding steerage vs. non-steerage arrivals
at Ellis Island, so here's a synopsis:
Finally, many people told me that first- and second-class passengers
arriving in New York were processed on the ship and released to the
dock, while only steerage passengers were taken to Ellis Island for
processing. But all passengers were listed on the manifest, although
first and second class were on separate pages >from steerage class,
and citizens were on separate pages >from aliens.
JGDG participants are a veritable font of good information. I would
also like to point out that we can (and should) learn much from
researched books on these (and other) subjects. There are three books
that come quickly to mind regarding the immigrant experience. The
first two (pages cited) include references to experiences of 1st and
2nd class passengers:

Vincent J. Cannato. "American Passage: The History of Ellis Island."
New York: Harper Perennial, 2009, pp. 298-299.

Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, "Family Tree Guide to Finding Your Ellis
Island Ancestors," Cincinnati: Family Tree Books, 2005, p.82.

John P. Colletta, "They Came In Ships," Orem, Utah: Ancestry, 2002.

I highly recommend that researchers look to these types of resources,
as well.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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