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Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

I have the marriage records >from the Bronx for two siblings, both
definitely >from the same parents.

I have two problems.
1. I can not decipher the mother's maiden name on either document. Can
2. The names are different, but they had the same mother.

I was wondering if a possible explanation for the name differences that
the older record, the one that only shows the mother's maiden name
(without her given name) and comes immediately after Father's Name, might
sometimes refer to the paternal grandmother's maiden name. Did anyone
ever find this to be the case?

See the records on ViewMate:

(marriage record of Henry Rosen and Frances Bloom)

(marriage record of Edith Rosen and Max Panken)

Can you please help decipher the mother's maiden name on each and offer
advice on why they might be different?
Thank you.

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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