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Yonatan Ben-Ari

It has always intrigued me if there is/was a family connection between
Abraham ABRAMOWITZ who was born in Jerusalem in 1894 and my
grandfather Chaim Yitzchak ABRAMOWITZ who was also born in Jerusalem
in 1895.

Abraham, I believe married a CHARLAP and eventually moved to Chicago
where he served as a Conservative Rabbi during the 1930-1950s. My
grandfather also emmigrated to the states in the 1930s but returned
after a 5 year stay there.

Several years ago I was in contact with descendants of Abraham A. but
they could not confirm whether or not there was a connection between
our two families. I would be happy to reconnect with Rabbi Abraham
A.'s family to see if there is a connection.

Connected to the above is a rumor told to me by a distant relative -
also ABRAMOWITZ- that there is a building in the Geula section
(actually Achva) which seems to have been known as the ABRAMOWITZ house
which had been given to "Kolel North America" in Jerusalem. The teller
of this tale said that this ABRAMOWITZ was on our family name. Being
the family geneaologist I am a bit surprised that I never heard of this
story and my guess is that it is not connected to our ABRAMOWITZ family.

Shavua tov/ a gutte voch

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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