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Would there have been any record kept, either by the shipping company or by
newspaper article, of a passenger arriving in Rotterdam >from New York, circa

I am looking for someone who was deported >from the U.S. after imprisonment in
Massachusetts for murder. She was a young woman, in the U.S. for approximately
two years. Since her original departure had been >from Rotterdam, she would
have been sent back to her port of departure.

I know that there were no U.S. records kept of passenger departures, although
I have found newspaper articles regarding the murder and court action. I also
know that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, who might have been involved with
the person, did not begin keeping records until after 1900.

No online sources turn up anything relating to arrivals in Rotterdam.
Deportation >from the U.S. could be quite brutal, with people already in the
country being deported >from their point of entry, with no belongings or money.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sue Seales, North Carolina

BOYARSKY; Mosty, Grodno and Massachusetts
FRIDMAN/FREEDMAN; Grinkishok and Siluva, Kovno
ROSENTAL; Odessa, Ukraine. Zaremby and Wengrow, Poland
BLUSZTEJN; Zaremby, Poland
ZELONY/ZELIONY/ZELENY; Bershad, Ukraine. Odessa and Chicago
TARTAK; Odessa, Argentina, Chicago

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