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Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

I am researching my son-in-law's family. His maternal great-grandmother
was Sarah ROZIN (Rosen in the USA) of either Radwanitz or Siemiatycze,
Belarus (May 06, 1888 - August 8, 1978). She married Phillip (Feivel)
KALER (Keller in the USA) >from Ros, Belarus. The marriage is recorded as
having taken place in Brest, Belarus in 1910. Sarah and Phillip settled
in Providence, RI around 1915, where their 4 children were born.

Sarah had 3 siblings:
Sophie, who married a SOBOL in Belarus
Edith married (1933) Max PANKEN in the Bronx
Henry married Frances BLOOM (1935) in the Bronx.

The ROSEN parents were Abraham Issac (c1858 - c1910 in Belarus) and
Zlate (c1860 - c1950 in NJ).
Does anyone know of these families or the extended Keller - Rosen clan?

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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