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Marilyn Robinson

Hi Gennners,

Here are the topics of the newest postings on my blog for June 13-July 6.
The information can be read at:

1928 Munich Benefactors: A Partial List

1943 Romania (Transnistria): List of Jewish Doctors
1941-1944 The Holocaust: Transnistria
1941 Iasi Romania: Death Train
Romania - A Personal Account: "Jews Cross the Dniester" - the Holocaust

1943 List of Jews in Camps & Ghettos
1945 Archival Film: "Nazi Concentration Camps"

1943 Ukraine: Vradievka Ghetto - Interned
1941-1945 Ukrainian Memory Book

Perm Synagogue Metrics

1912 Jewish Communal Directory

1910-1911 Seesen, Germany: Jacobson Middle High School
Jews >from Saxony: List of Individuals

1884 Ivianiec, Minsk, Belarus: List of Jewish Burghers (#1, #2)
Belarusian Jewish Graves

Lists of (Russian) Veterans of WWII

Harbin Jewish Cemetery

1941-1945 Croatia: Jasenovac Concentration Camp

Marilyn Robinson

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