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Martin Kaminer

Many of you may have seen the positively gripping tale in the New York Times
recently entitled "A Son Given Up for Adoption Is Found After Half a Century, and
Then Lost Again" which revolves around the Lakeview Home For
Unwed Jewish Mothers on Staten Island
Family lore has it that my late Grandmother's older sister was dispatched there as
well and basically banished >from the family,perhaps around 1925. Is anyone aware of
any genealogical records >from this facility that might help identify her
descendants? I'm guessing >from what little I've been able to find and the great
lengths to which the mother in the article had to go to that the answer is a
resounding 'No' but given the formidable collective expertise of this board I
figured I'd ask. Any glimmers of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

With Appreciation and Regards,
Martin Kaminer

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