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These are the same people.

My father went >from Hamburg to England aboard the Marylebone and thence to
New York via Liverpool in 1913. I had a complete list of all the passengers
on his ship >from Hamburg. I traced the subsequent paths of all of the US
bound passengers. I found that the passengers listed close together on the
Hamburg list were also listed close together on their US bound ships.

My information was submitted to the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild,
where you can see it. Google ISTG and search that site for Marylebone

In your case there were 39 passengers aboard the German Empire, 35 were
bound for NY.

On the same manifest page on the Adriatic, Jan 9, 1892, along with the
BEGATIN family, I found 15 of them. Passengers #3,5,6-17 and 19.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 7/17/2015 5:39 PM, Mary-Jane Roth greenst@... wrote:
The Hamburg departure records show Moses BOGATIN age 33 >from Lida (Belarus?)
with his three male children, Meier (9), Schmuel (7), and Hilel (4) departing
Hamburg on Dec 22, 1891 aboard the German Empire bound for Hartlepool, UK.
Their final destination is listed as New York via Liverpool.

On January 9, 1892 a family arrived in NYC aboard the Adriatic >from Liverpool.
They were Moses BEGATIN (33) with his three children, Meier (male age 9),
Schume(d?) (Female age 7) and Hild (Female age 4). They are listed as being
Swedes >from G Burg (probably Gothenburg?).

This looks very much like the same family except for the residence and sex
change. I was unable to find any other people with similar names arriving on
the East coast >from 1891-1900 using Ancestry, Ellis Island or Steve Morse.

Mary-Jane Roth
Alexandria VA

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