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My father and his family were >from Zagare, Lithuania. His parents
were Ber Peretzman (Perecman) and Chana Peretzman. Their children
were Bassia, Yisrael, Shmuel, Dvora and Victor My father (Shmuel)
and his brother, left for South Africa around 1932. They never saw
their family again. Their two sisters, Bassia and Dvora went through
the camps and survived. They were told that their parents and Victor
were massacred with the other Jews in Zagare in October 1941.
However, I recently read "Last Walk in Naryshkin Park" and am
currently reading "The girl >from Human street". Both books written
by people whose family came >from Zagare. In both books they quote
testimony given by Ber Peretzman in the Feldafing DP camp in 1949.
Unless there were two people in Zagare with the exact same name, it
seems like my grandfather, Ber Peretzman survived the war and did
not die in the massacre of 1941. I am trying to find out what
happened to him after the war. If anyone out there knew him or the
family or has any information that could help me, It would be
greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Carol Joffe

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