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From: Brian Stern in part:

Mosaic refers to Moses. I've seen it used in German language records
from Austria-Hungary.

Brian Stern is correct - Mosaic (in Polish Mojzeszowa) is one of few terms
as Jewish religion is (was) described in Poland or in Russia.

Other terms are:

Zydowska (>from Zyd - word derived >from Jude)
Judaistyczna (>from Judaism)
Izraelicka (>from Israel)
Hebrajska (>from Hebrew)
Semicka (>from Semite)
Starozakonna (Old Testamenterski (sic!) -sometimes 'polite' form has been
used to describe "friendly" or patriotic Jew - popular term in 19 century
during Polish National Uprisings against Russia, in which Jews have
participated in 1831 and 1863. Another "polite" form that has been used in
the past is: Polish person of the Mosaic faith (Polak wyznania
Mojzeszowego). And another "polite" or rather patronizing form, which I
particularly dislike is "Zydek" (a little or small Jew) - this suppose to
mean "a Yidle".

Word Zyd (Zhid = Jew) has been always acceptable in all parts of Poland,
western Ukraine and western Belarus, but this word had (and has) an
extremely insulting meaning in Russia and eastern Belarus and Ukraine. In
these parts of eastern Europe, the polite word Yevrey (>from Hebrew) is used.
Zyd there means literally "kike".

"Yevrey" actually describes (in Russian) "nationality" rather than religion.
Old Russian describes Jew as: Iyudey (Judaic) and religion as Iyudeyskaya.

I would like to return to the description of Popiele village that has been a
topic of our discussion on Polish Geographic Dictionary. Below is the
English translation provided in Popiele website. Translation was made from
the Poland 1921 demographic data (general census took place this year)

Please note that date is incorrect; it should read 1921, not 1821.

There is a bit of puzzle: Data claims 27 Jewish by religion and below 19
Jewish people by nationality. What happened to 8 Jews? Did they claim
Austrian or other nationality? Any ideas?

used as living quarters 322
other inhabited -
Inhabitants as of 09-30-1821 (without military personnel)
total 1,834
men 914
women 920
Roman Catholics 189
Greek Catholics 1,617
Evangelics 1
other Christian -
Jewish 27
other -
unknown -
Polish 199
Ruthenian 1,614
German 1
Jewish 19
other 1
unknown -


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