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Matt Tucker

(Please note this is a reposting >from the Litvak SIG digest)

I am researching my family's records >from Pasvalys and Pumpian
Lithuania and am wondering if anyone has come across census records
where there are many families in one address. Sometimes they are
listed with multiple last names or hyphenated last names. Does anyone
know if this is because many families were trying to settle a new
community? Were there communal farms?

In our case, there is a record with a family with the last name Zaidel
and then a bunch of people with the last name "Zaidel Beker" who are
all deceased. We are viewing the record on You can view
a screenshot of what we're seeing here:

Another example is here:

Why are there three last names? Were the families intermarried? Does
the order of the names matter? Also, when I search the JewishGen
database, it does not the families in one household.

I know this is a complex question, we're just trying to understand if
anyone else has encountered this and if they have any insights.

Matt Tucker
Burlington, VT
Searching TOKAR and BEKER in Lithuania
DRAGUNSKII (DRAGON) in Ukraine/Belarus

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