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I have been researching my wife's family recently. Her mother's maiden name
was BIRNKRANT. We have traced her family to the town of Sanok, Poland.
Her grandfather was Zisha (Sam) BIRNKRANT, born in 1874. He married
Anna (Nentzia) LOWENTHAL, born in 1878 in Brzesko. Four of their
children were born in Sanok and the fifth, my wife's mother, was born in
Pittsburgh in 1921.

I found something interesting while I was researching the family.
There was an Adi BIRNKRANT, born in 1858 in Sanok, who settled in
McKeesport, PA. When I looked him up in the 1900 Census, he and his family
were listed under ROSENKRANZ. There was a rumor that BIRNKRANT was not
the original family name, and this seems to confirm it. However, Adi's
immigration papers had his name as BIRNKRANT (his petition for naturalization
was in 1900). I am not sure why he was listed as ROSENKRANZ in 1900.
It may have been that his father Sam (whom I think remained in Europe) may
have been named ROSENKRANZ and changed the name. Adi is listed in 1910 and
beyond as BIRNKRANT in the U.S. Census.

There are a number of other BIRNKRANT families (with possible variations
of BIRENKRANT, BIRNKRANTZ, and others) that we suspect are related.
They lived in the Detroit area and New York as well as Pennsylvania.
I am trying to determine the relationships and have tried to use JGFF as
much as I can. However, I would like to see if anyone has information
regarding the various families and would appreciate them getting in touch
with me privately.

Sheldon Dan
Memphis, TN
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