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Lynne Schneider


In response to my request for how to research my Grandfather's
second Bar Mitzvah, I received several explanations and good advice
on how to continue my research.

My thanks to Murray who provided a great article about adult Bar Mitzvah
(; and to Judy
Salomon, Janette Silverman and Carol Jaffe for explaining that second
Bar Mitzvahs were not at all uncommon. >from them and others on another
site, I learned that a life span was considered to be 70 years. So, once
a person reached 70 years a new life span was begun and a Bar Mitzvah
would be in order at the age of 83. Terrific!

And another big thank you to Paula Einstein Baker who provided me with
three separate sources where I might be able to find the missing Temple
Sinai congregation. I am happy to share these sources:

Reform, it's possible that their records are in

Conservative, in the archives of the Jewish Theological Seminary.
[or --Mod.]

Orthodox, even less likely: see
[or --Mod.]

And also <> and
A huge Thank You to you all.

Los Angeles, CA

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