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It's been a while since I've posted, but I believe I made a huge
breakthrough on my great-great-grandfather and his family.

I found what I believe is Henry, Sophie, Mary, Sara and Nathan on
a list of Radziwie PSA Books of Residence which I believe is a
census record. I know them with the last name of ZALKA, on the
list they are DZIALKA, Enoch, Szyfra, Mariem, Sura and Nuchem,
from the towns of Poick and Wloclawek. Birthdates are the same
and Enoch's father's name is Nuchem and mother is Maria ILOWER.
On what I believe is his death notice >from New York his father
is listed as Nathan and mother as Mary JULOVIR.

I am so excited! It's been years since I broke a brick wall.
I now need some help in what I do with this info????? It also
lists Enoch's occupation as handlarz and Szyfra's as Przy mezu (if
someone can translate for me, thanks in advance.

Joan Silverman


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