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Phil Zuckerbrod asked about Majdan:

There are several places in Poland and in Ukraine that are known as Majdan
(Maydan). This is includes few Maydan in Galicia. Name means 'open space'
sometimes "open yard: within the farmstead, all depending with what kind of
Ukrainians you are discussing the name.

Since you are searching within Galicia, small Majdan that I have done basic
research on is located in Carpathian mountains, only one road goes in,
nothing is coming out. Village is located west of Kropiwnik (Stary and Nowy,
Schodnica and Rybnik) on the stream Rybnik contributory to close by river
Stryy. There are couple of Majdans in Lviv area - check with WOWW and
ShtetlSeeker, and several Majdans in central region of Poland including
infamous concentration camp Majdanek.

This small mountan Majdan that I have done some basic research- WOWW does
not mentioned town an its Jewish population, had several Jewish businessmen:
MAJDAN, county Drohobycz, Lwow Province, Poland
Location: 49o09' 23o17', Alternative names: Maydan, Maidan (meaning: Open
space or courtyard)
County court: Podbuz, regional court: Sambor
Jewish population:???? Total population: 710 (1921)
28 km distance to the nearest railway station Boryslaw-Tustanowice

Proprietor Name Business or Occupation Category

Ames, S General store
Izdebski, M Shoemaker
Libieg & Co. Landowner
Majer, M Liquor store
Majer, S General store
Muller, W Sawmill
Piechowicz, J General store
Reinholtz, Z Tailor
Waldman, H Mercer
Waldman, P Flour mill
Waldman, R Food store
Wiesengrun, W General store
Wingrun, S Food store
Wozna, A General store
Wozny, J Blacksmith

Alexander Sharon

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